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Our Story

Why Prompt?

Deciding what software can address a specific business need is not necessarily straightforward. While many things can be addressed with technology, others may not. Also, not every technology properly fits with every use case or circumstance.

Once you’ve made the decision that software is the answer, choosing the provider can be daunting, not only because there are so many companies to choose from, but also understanding how best to implement that software to address the problem or opportunity you have.

Our goal at Prompt is technology, implemented well, with quantifiable results behind it.

A company implementing our Data Entry Automation software should expect a certain cost reduction based upon the types of data being automated and the company’s current cost profile. We will tell you how we came up with those numbers and will have an honest conversation with you if the results you experience do not match what was expected.

Prompt origin

Prompt’s origin is grounded in technology, implemented well.

One key element is Lading. Lading was a 4x Platinum level WiseService Partner working closely with freight forwarders, customs brokers, and other logistics companies to set up and manage their CargoWise systems.

The other key element is deep experience in successfully running operations and technology divisions of large freight forwarders and 3PLs in distribution and transportation (including drayage, store delivery, and vendor consolidation).

Our team has deep knowledge of how logistics systems operate – CargoWise and others – and how to get the best out of them.

Customers at the Core

“Implemented well” is on equal footing with the technology itself.

It means understanding your processes and realities of the technology during the design. It also means that as soon as you go live with our solutions, our Customer Experience team will reach out to schedule user training and have real people (not chat bots or self-service portals) available whenever you need it.

Our Customer Experience team will help your employees work through their specific issues through screen shares or chat sessions to help them learn what they need to so that they can better engage with our software.






Company Values

These five values play a crucial role in the way we operate as a company-supporting our vision and shaping our culture. They are the driving force behind our inspiration, innovation, accomplishment, and work ethic.

An industry leader

The Innovative Force Behind Our Company

Robert Petti

Founder & CEO

Robert Petti is the Founder and CEO of Prompt, a software company focused on the logistics industry. Robert began his logistics career at Gilbert USA, a Maersk-owned warehousing and trucking company, where he focused on visibility into driver route profitability and also redesigned the driver pay structure to better align revenue with expenses. Following Gilbert’s sale to NFI Industries, Robert joined Toll Global Forwarding (TGF) where he was responsible for designing and development of a global visibility and analytics platform for the company that, for the first time, displayed all TGF’s revenue and expenses in one central view. After the sale of Toll to Japan Post, Robert launched Lading to provide IT services to top retailers, manufacturers, carriers, warehouses, and 3PL/4PL companies around the world. Prompt was launched in 2020 to develop software that enhances existing logistics platforms.

Robert is the author on two pending patents, including one for a blockchain-backed smart contract building tool designed for users with no coding knowledge.

Kai Timmermann


Kai Timmermann, now Chief Operating Officer at Prompt, is a thirty-year veteran in supply chain with a successful track record of creating high performance organizations.

Over the past twenty years, Kai has served COO and CIO roles simultaneously at The Gilbert Company and Toll Global Forwarding and, most recently, in a similar capacity at O’Neill Logistics and Performance Team (acquired by Maersk). He started his career at P&O Nedlloyd before providing strategy consulting for a range of industries, including financial services, telecommunications, and pharmaceuticals.

Kai is considered by colleagues and customers as a strategic thought leader, combining a practical view of technology trends, demands of operational excellence and understanding of market changes to develop both the external market narratives and internal agenda for competency development.

He’s the author of two books: “Deliberate Performance” focuses on the attributes and drivers of business performance; “Forward” outlines economic and political themes and vectors for consideration.

Kai holds a BA in Economics from Cornell University and an MBA in Economics and Finance from NYU’s Stern School of Business.

Leandri Tappin

Director of Managed Services

Leandri started with Lading in 2019 and transitioned to Prompt to become a member of the Managed Service team in 2021 before taking over the team later in the year. In addition to managing the global employee base, Leandri oversees all customer onboarding as it relates to document automation and ensures Prompt’s adherence to Service Level Agreements.

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