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Data at the centre of everything

Collaborate seamlessly, connect with everyone, and automate your supply chain by putting your data at the heart of your processes. Be aware of every exception, make data driven strategic and operational decisions, and keep your supply chain stakeholders in-the-know, all without changing your tech.

Break down supply chain data siloes

Supply chains run on data created by dozens of sources, each using their own Tech, or worse, paper formats. Many traditional software solutions such as ERP, FMS, or TMS, do little to solve this problem. With Prompt, you can turn this obstacle into a competitive advantage by breaking down the siloes through interconnectivity.

Consolidate all your logistics data

Data comes in many formats from multiple sources. Trying to make sense of it all without synchronicity is a tall order, and stifles real visibility. Use Prompt’s purpose-built connectivity tools to centralize all your data from all your systems, and from your supply chain stakeholders, in a single, easily accessible, datamart.

A single database of actionable insights

Go beyond simple consolidation. With Prompt’s holistic approach to data you will be able to connect your existing tech stack together seamlessly, along with any external data sources. The end result? Consolidated and transformed data in the form of actionable insights, readily available for operational or strategic decision making and sharing.

Immediate decision making with unhindered access

Giving you actionable insights in a database is one thing, but making them immediately available is a huge value add. Everything Prompt builds is done with flexibility in mind. Access your insights directly via your main driver ERP or FMS platform, through your favorite BI tool, or by using Prompt’s purpose-built Portal.

Exceptions shouldn't be scary

You can automate your logistics operations, but that will not prevent exceptions from happening. Prompt’s Notification and Alerts Engine will use consolidated data from your systems and third-parties to identify and warn your teams of exceptions. Fully configurable and easily shareable, receive notifications for the events that matter to you, through the channels you want.

Get more out of your existing tech

ERP and FMS implementations are usually long and expensive endeavors. With Prompt’s solutions, you will empower your existing tech stack, optimizing usage, improving ROI, and streamlining processes.