Capture necessary data from documents.

Fast and error free.

One platform, many automation possibilities

Centralize the functionality of multiple automation solutions with Prompt for a simpler user experience

Learn only one framework

Finally, everyone learns one solution. Less platforms increase user confidence and minimize training.

Robust integrations

Prompt’s software connections are designed to work every time, ensuring optimal automation potential.

AI-enhanced logic

Do more than just capture letters and numbers. With Automate, users can embed additional logic to ensure the output is what a company needs it to be.

Data Security & Privacy Certifications

Process shipping and invoicing documents accurately, every time

Automate combines process awareness and AI-based document understanding to deliver transparency, accuracy, and operational efficiencies in the handling of shipping documents. This software is built for enterprise operations with global teams processing high document volumes in mind and allows a high degree of customization to ensure that the software can meet the needs of any organization.

Arrival Event

AP Invoice

Commercial Invoice

Dangerous Goods

Delivery Note

House Airway Bill

House Bill of Lading

ISF Filing

Master Airway Bill

Master Bill of Lading

Pro Forma Invoice

Purchase Order

Packing List

PO Update


Rate Confirmation

Tally Sheet

How Automate works

Simple, user friendly logistics automation software

Prompt is the most accurate and robust data entry platform on the market. By using Prompt, Freight Forwarders and other supply chain companies can quickly and easily capture data from within document and image files without any manual data entry into CargoWise or any other software platform.

Simple data capture

Automate makes it super easy to grab and tag any data from any file type. If you can use a mouse, you can use Prompt. 

Automated Accrual Matching

Our technology scans documents and hunts for discrepancies between what is on the page and what is inside your database. If our tech finds an error, we provide simple notifications explaining the mismatch.

From anywhere, to anywhere

Let’s face it, extracting the data from a file is the easy part. The real challenge is contextualizing it and ensuring that it arrives in the correct destination in your software platform and no one does that better than Prompt.

Simple metrics

Automate helps the companies it works with to not only process files faster and with less errors, but also helps them understand those vendors and employees most likely to need a double-check.

We’re a one stop platform for automated data capture

Upload File to Automate Portal

Automate Software Categorizes and Reviews the File

Our Software Extracts and Validates Key Data from the File

Extracted Data is Transferred to your ERP

Document Types Supported

Stop wasting time on manually entering data on expense claims, invoices and bills. Start saving time with Automate!

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