Customer Story

Crowley Maritime – improving employee efficiency in entering commercial invoice data

The Company

Founded in 1892, Crowley is primarily a family- and employee-owned vessel management, owner, and supply chain logistics services company, providing services globally and employing approximately 5,300 people worldwide.


The Problem

Crowley subsidiary Customized Brokers, a Miami-based customs clearance company specializing in perishable and refrigerated cargoes, needed productivity-enhancing solution to improve their employees’ ability to process commercial invoices. Note that as commercial invoices are part of customs declarations, these tasks could not just be handled by an offshore managed service team.


The Solution

Achieving the performance gains Crowley wanted required a period of hands-on learning to make team members full comfortable with the new technology. Prompt’s training and customer service team were highly involved in training users and super users on the ins and outs of the technology and found ways to tailor the software training to best optimize Crowley’s processes.

The Results

Crowley and Prompt calculated the net impact of the integration of the macro, the core Prompt Data Entry Automation technology, and the software training to Crowley’s processes 90 days after go live. The results were astounding – Crowley’s users were now processing their typical one page commercial invoices twice as fast before Prompt’s software was implemented. Their cost savings, after paying for Prompt’s technology, was almost 40%.

Because of the rapid success, Crowley and Prompt have expanded their partnership to include three more document types for Customized Brokers and then the focus will turn to Crowley itself.