Prompt extends user-controlled AI tools to leading TMSes

Mar 16, 2022


Technology being integrated into BluJay Solutions, Magaya and SAP.

New York, NY – (March 14, 2022) – Automation solutions provider Prompt announced Monday that it is extending its dedicated CargoWise software products to become accessible to all transportation management systems.

The company is currently working on integrating itself into technology suites including BluJay Solutions, Magaya and SAP.

“Prompt helps supply chain companies to easily expand the functionality of their TMS without changing or replacing any of their existing software,” said Prompt CEO Robert Petti.

Prompt’s technology is currently being used by a number of large freight forwarders — DSV, Toll Global Forwarding, Ceva Logistics and Crowley Maritime — which use its automation solutions to integrate into its operations without endangering data security or protocols set within their systems.

“Prompt is the leading logistics technology company with all the major global data privacy and security certifications — GDPR, ISO27001 and SOC 2 — meaning that we can, and have, met the requirements of even the most stringent IT departments,” says Petti. “Plus, with multiple software offerings running through one database connection, businesses can add additional Prompt software without needing IT to do another audit.”

The technology leverages user-controlled artificial intelligence to improve data capturing, customer visibility, rate management, customer analytics, audit and payment processing operations.

According to Prompt Chief Operations Officer Kai Timmermann, customers have seen up to 84% cost reduction just off of the data entry automation software alone.

While the company’s solutions are making employees more productive, Prompt’s customers have felt less stressed trying to hire in the currently tight labor market.

“Prompt doubled our customs brokers’ productivity in a matter of weeks,” said Sharon Garcia, director of logistics operations at Crowley Maritime.

Over the last year, the industry has also witnessed a number of acquisitions from large forwarders as they diversify their offerings to include logistics services and final-mile delivery.

According to Bruno Tarikian, DSV’s director of innovation services, Prompt has been particularly helpful in integrating its acquired companies into its operations.

“We needed a way to transfer data to CargoWise from a recent acquisition’s database but we didn’t have time to get approval from IT for an integration build that would be scrapped after a few months anyway. Instead, we chose Prompt’s technology. … They helped us automatically transfer the required data and we can now leverage the same technology for other data entry automation use cases at the company,” said Tarikian.

Prompt extends user-controlled AI tools to leading TMSes