Maximize efficiency when managing your freight rates

Better maintain buy rates, sell rates, tariffs, quotes, and more via Prompt’s easy to use rate management software.

Rate Management Software
Digitize your rates and quotes

Improve your freight rate management process

Transportation rates, quotes, and contracts are complex and ever changing. Using manual data entry to manage the complexity, volume, and constantly changing rates on these contracts is not an easy feat, especially when rates change daily. Discover the wonderful simplicity of auto rating and costing freight moves powered by Prompt’s rate management technology.

Everything teams need, all in one place

Your entire team can access up to date rates and tariff information inside your current logistics system, supporting uniform billing and minimizing customer confusion.

Assign specific permissions to each team member to ensure that only those with proper access are making changes to your rate sheets.

Simplify rate increases by scheduling them

Prompt’s rate planning technology allows for automatic rate adjustments.

Customer and vendor rate sheets often have defined periods when the rates adjust. Prompt’s rate management software allows companies to add in effective dates and take the hassle out of this process.

Simplify your rate management with
intelligent automations

Prompt is redefining the management of freight rates by linking data-driven technologies and logistics expertise.

Automated rate card creation

Automated processes help you create your rate sheet structure

Revision control

Documentation of changes gives you an overview of your workflows

End-to-end process

Newly tendered freight rates are automatically integrated into the rate management

Connect with shipment data

Your shipment data is automatically linked to existing freight rates

Integrated benchmarking

Compare your rates with the market and identify potential savings on your lanes

Upload rates easily

Upload your rates to Prompt’s cloud based rate management portal via Excel, CSV, XML, and other formats.

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