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Where is my freight?

Probably the most asked question in supply chain. As consumers, we have been spoiled by parcel shipment traceability. Business-to-business customers expect to know where the freight is in real-time and through an easy-to-access channel.

Shipment visibility is now table stakes; your customers no longer find this acceptable and want to be able to know what’s happening in real time and without picking up a phone.

Meet the Prompt Visibility Platform

Supply chain companies are still dependent on legacy solutions that are not equipped to handle all the needs of today’s demanding customers.

Multi lingual, multi currency

Logistics is a global business and your customer portal should support this. All the text inside the Visibility portal, as well as the date and number libraries, are configurable based on your customers’ preferred settings.

Centralize data from multiple software platforms

Many supply chain companies use more than one software platform to manage their customers’ freight and, until now, each of those had their own portal. This not only detracts from your customer’s experience but also splits information that really should be viewed centrally.

Fully customizable platform

We understand that every one of your customers are unique and require their data presented in a certain manner. A one size fits all Visibility portal may work for some of your clients but it definitely will serve as a limitation to your top and demanding customers.

Digitalize your customer’s experience

Keep your current infrastructure

The Visibility portal sits on top of your existing software platforms and works with your existing processes to make its addition to your technology stack as simple and seamless as possible.

Present real time shipment information

What’s worse than no shipment information? Out of date shipment information. All the data in the Visibility portal is updated every time a user accesses a record so there is no risk of any data ever being out of date.

Allow customers to mark shipments as high priority

Some shipments are more important to your customers than others. Our portal allows your customer to mark those Hot or Priority shipments within their portal so that all parties are aware of these key shipments and ensure that they have a smooth transit.

View all invoices, as well as accept online payments

While the journey of a box or container may signify the end of the shipment process, it is not the end of the transaction. Your customer is able to view all paid and unpaid invoices in their Visibility portal and can make a payment to you which then will mark the invoice as paid in your system.

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