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Keeping your supply chain data safe

From supply chain cybersecurity standards to powerful user settings, your supply chain data must be kept safe

Protecting your supply chain data

Using industry-leading cybersecurity standards and reviewing our compliance every year, your supply chain data is kept safe. From our software to our people, we’re committed to respecting your need for data security, and that of your customers. Access your supply chain data from anywhere, safely, when using a Prompt Global solution.

Supply chain security your network can rely on

Prompt Global’s solutions are collaboration focused and data-driven, all implemented with supply chain data protection in mind for full compliance, and peace of mind.

DSV & Prompt Global

Protecting data and switching systems

When DSV acquired Agility Logistics, they needed a solution to transfer key data from Agility’s system to DSV’s, without impacting operations. Data security was a top priority, as real-time data needed to be passed-through, and deadlines were tight.

Supply chain ISO 27001 certified

As far as international standards go, ISO 27001 is the reference for information security management systems. Designed to help organizations secure their data, you’ll feel safer knowing that Prompt Global strictly adheres to the framework that:

SOC 2 framework for supply chain data

Keeping data safe in the cloud is a key concern for any supply chain stakeholder. By complying with the SOC 2 framework, Prompt Global commits to the framework’s key principles, which contribute to ensuring your supply chain data remains safe in the cloud:

Make your supply chain data actionable, visible, and simply transformed into a competitive edge and real ROI, without sacrificing data security