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Supply chain exception management success

With so many moving parts, supply chain exceptions will occur. Minimizing the impact that supply chain exceptions can have on your business is one thing, but why settle for second best when you can transform your exception management strategy into your competitive edge?

Supply chain exception management starts with your data

Turning your exception management strategy into big wins such as reduced downstream impact and overall improved logistics technology ROI is heavily reliant on your data. Consolidate your first party and external data sources into an immediately accessible database, allowing you to make the right decisions at the best time.

Building excellent exception management strategies

With the solid foundation that is your first and third party supply chain data, you can build powerful strategies with the addition of tech enabled processes. Define key milestones and events in your supply chain and handle any exceptions that put them at risk, in real-time.

“As a company that values connectivity with our customers, finding a solution for seamless integrations was a top priority for us. We wanted a scalable solution that not only saved time but also improved the quality of our shared data.”

Mickey Diaz – COO @ Unique Logistics

Achieve real exception visibility

Prompt Global's notification and alerts engine is purpose built for supply chain stakeholders, designed with the utmost flexibility so that you can configure the events that matter to your business, and filter out the noise.

Fully integrated with your Prompt DataMart, all your consolidated data from any source feeds events and milestones directly to the notification engine, letting you know when something is going wrong in real time for rapid response and limited fallout.

Built-in quick actions allow you to set reminders, snooze events, highlight troublesome alerts, and share with the stakeholders who will benefit the most from a timely warning of what is going wrong.

Freight forwarders can provide real visibility

Visibility continues to be a leading need for cargo owners trying to optimize their supply chain. Forwarders can provide customers with their own front-end portal which includes the notification and alerts engine as standard, fully configurable for their specific processes and data. Your customers will always know what is happening, without needing to wait an email or pick up the phone.

Cargo owners limit downstream impact with greater control

Whether you’re looking at data from your logistics service providers or your suppliers and other third parties, you will be notified of any exception that occurs. Configure notifications to work the way you want, improving planning, reducing the impact of late shipments and supplier failures, and keeping your supply chain optimized.