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Transport tracking built for you

Using your supply chain data, track only what you need, filter out the noise and transform your supply chain through unlocked insights and streamlined operations.

Centralizing transport tracking data

Monitoring the movement of goods from point of origin to final destination sounds simple enough. But when you factor in the different technologies used and the number of data suppliers, you need to connect and centralize if you want tracking you can trust.

Dots on the map transport tracking

There’s no greater visual representation in transport tracking than seeing dots on a map. Using your data, you can visualize where a shipment has been, where it is heading, and most importantly, where it is at any given time. We’re adding more out-of-the-box third party data suppliers to give you the options to augment your tracking experience.

Dive deeper into the details

Not happy with a birds-eye view and left wanting more from your transport tracking? With one click you can deep dive into a shipment or purchase order, viewing key milestones, communications, status, and any changes to ETA that risk rocking the boat downstream.

Sharing is caring in supply chains

Whether you’re a forwarder tracking your customers’ shipments, or a cargo owner keeping an eye on your purchase orders to coordinate downstream, other stakeholders need status updates. With Prompt Global, you can provide them with their own customizable front-end, or simply share single-shipment or single-PO screens with one click. It’s that easy.

How you can track transport with Prompt Global

The Prompt Global platform handles transport tracking from data-in to dots on the map and actual actionable insights, giving your teams the power to act when needed, and your stakeholders the visibility they want, without any hassle.

Tracking what matters greatly improves your overall supply chain visibility, filtering out the noise either as the data enters your ecosystem or before it hits your front-end view. Optimized tracking has huge benefits on your productivity and your communication with peers.

With real-time data, you can have a huge impact on day to day operations. Now imagine what you will achieve with a week, a month, or a year's worth of historical data. Leverage predictive analytics for proactive decision-making with huge positive impact on your bottom line.

Overcoming tracking transparency hurdles

Your suppliers and service providers hold plenty of crucial supply chain data that, once collected and made actionable, can improve your transport tracking and overall visibility. Supplement with some third party providers you’re on to a winning formula.

Multi-mode tracking made flexible

90% of shipments may be containerized ocean operations, but that doesn’t make road, rail, or air any less important. Create your own interconnected web of data sources and 3rd party suppliers to get the data you need, and use our fully customizable and configurable front-end to track everything.

“Prompt streamlined our integration process, reducing lead times and improving the quality of shared data.”

Mickey Diaz – COO @ Unique Logistics