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Collaborative freight forwarding software

Freight forwarding software that transforms your business into your customers’ favorite partner while enhancing your entire freight software stack ROI.

Freight Forwarding Software Trusted globally

Upgrade your sales pitch

Shippers expect more than low rates and dots on a map. Provide them with the promise of real visibility, clear communication, and access to their data.

Turn your tech into ROI

Your freight forwarding software shouldn't be just another cost. Bring more automation, improve connectivity, reduce exceptions, increase ROI.

Collaborative supply chains

Work with your partners and customers like never before through smart data integrations and seamless data passthrough and sharing.

Effortlessly exceed expectations

Being a freight forwarder has long been about the end zone. Goods need to go from origin to destination, within a certain timeframe, in full compliance with customs and other authorities. That reality is outdated. The journey is now as important as arriving on time, and our freight forwarding software exceeds expectations for both.

Real Visibility

By focusing on connectivity, you can provide your customers with a holistic view of all their shipments. Using freight trackinbg software that gives you the power to enrich third party data through hassle-free integrations, your customers will always work from the best data available for high levels of transparency.

Self-service portals

No freight forwarding software would be complete without a fully customizable front-end. Reduce customer reliance on emails and phone calls with automation. Our no-code drag and drop dashboard builder takes the freight forwarding software experience to the next level, providing your customers with an environment that works for them and greatly improves collaboration.

Reduce exception frustration

Prompt Global's freight forwarding software provides an environment that alerts and notifies you of any impending exceptions, allowing you to handle them in real time, reducing the impact on your customers. Automate notifications and configure down to the customer or user level, keeping everyone up to date.

Cutting-edge forwarding work environment

Freight forwarding customers appreciate you going the extra mile when it comes to visibility. But where you make a real difference to your business is transforming data into operational outcomes. Prompt Global’s freight forwarding software enhances your existing tech stack to improve key operational areas such as rates and bookings, allowing you to go even further in delighting your customers and winning new business.

Rates management made simple

Freight forwarders have to deal with many complexities, with rates management being no exception. For many systems, allowing contract and spot quotes to cohabit is a tall order. With Prompt's freight rate management software, bring rates into your systems from multiple sources, centralize with your contract rates, and always provide the best options to your customers.

Streamline the booking process

Having the world's most flexible freight rate management software at your fingertips is great, but what next? At Prompt, we're all about making data actionable, and what's more actionable than a streamlined quoting and booking process? Turn rates into quotes, and quotes into bookings, with everything flowing directly into your ERP or FMS platform.

Free flowing logistics data

Your processes and outcomes will only ever be as good as the data they work with. Feed your freight software stack with high quality, consolidated data, from your systems, partners, carriers, customers, and relevant authorities. This data is immediately actionable, allowing you to reduce costs, automate visibility, evaluate ROI, and much, much more.

Port Group & Prompt

Port Group overhauled their operations and completely changed the way their freight software stack works for them, and their customers.

Forwarders need new ways to use logistics data

Compliance is a huge part of providing logistics services. Whether customs, phytosanitary, or Scope 3, there is a seemingly never-ending list of compliance scenarios that you need to deal with. The good news is that most of these situations can be handled by making your logistics data actionable, and adapting your tech and processes to the ever changing compliance rules.

With regions like the EU and California fast accelerating the deployment of Scope 3 and other sustainability rule sets, your data will take centerstage. How your freight forwarding software handles Scope 3 today will determine if your data becomes a competitive advantage, or the reason you lose business as prospects look to become, and remain, Scope 3 compliant.

Your logistics data doesn’t only have operational advantages. By consolidating data from all your freight software systems and harnessing new data such as Scope 3 emissions related raw data, you will be able to look back on a month, a quarter, a year, and make strategic decisions for the future. Which carrier was always late? Which broker caused the most fines? Which port was the worst performer causing D&D fees? Your customers will love you for it.

“Prompt’s Automate solution handles our customs declarations and commercial invoices with ease, leaving us to concentrate on operations, rather than worrying about data quality.”

Patrick Behan, Executive Sales Director at TQL