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Port Group & Prompt

Transforming operations with an integrated multi-system tech stack

In the dynamic world of supply chain management, Port Group, a mid-sized freight broker in the USA, sought to revolutionize its technological framework. Their goal was simple: to enhance customer experience and streamline efficiencies across systems. Prompt, an innovative solutions provider in the supply chain and logistics arena, was their chosen partner in this ambitious endeavor. This customer story highlights how Port Group leveraged Prompt’s innovative solutions – Prompt DataMart, Prompt Customer Portal, and Prompt Connect – to transform their operations.

“Prompt’s solutions revolutionized the way we handle our supply chain data. The seamless integration and customization options have not only improved our operational efficiencies but also elevated our customer service experience. We are more connected, agile, and ahead in our game, thanks to Prompt.” – CEO, Port Group.

Replacing legacy logistics technology with cutting edge solutions

Port Group faced a multifaceted challenge.

Their existing customer portals for BluJay and legacy systems were outdated and inefficient. Two problems that were exacerbated by the fact that the data feeding the portals was siloed and disjointed, creating anything but a simple process for customers. At a time where customer experience and actionable data are key competitive advantages over the competition, Port Group needed help alleviating this pain.

They also required a solution to integrate workflows between the AES and BluJay systems seamlessly. Moreover, there was an urgent need to build outward integrations to third parties, capitalizing on the basic data flows from their Freight Management Systems (FMS).

All of these problems can be summarized with one word: data. They are all data-centric challenges, and as a data-centric solutions provider, Prompt was ready to transform Port Group’s digital processes, without replacing any of their existing systems.

Finding the right logistics technology partner is the key

After a thorough market analysis, Port Group identified Prompt as the ideal partner. Prompt’s reputation for integrating complex data and streamlining supply chain communications stood out. The decision was influenced by Prompt’s ability to provide a comprehensive, customizable solution addressing all of Port Group’s challenges under one umbrella.

Prompt takes a holistic approach to solving supply chain pain, which is what this situation clearly required. The package pitched by Prompt, using Connect, DataMart, and the Customer Portal as one, allowed Port Group to reduce the number of providers in this project down to one. The integrated solution also eliminated any potential friction which usually occurs between collaborating third-parties on such a project (software providers, external consultants, etc.).

Implementing a scalable and holistic solution

The implementation was a structured, phased process:

  • Prompt DataMart: Deployed to ingest BluJay data effortlessly. This was achieved without BluJay’s collaboration, who refused to provide access to a schema.
  • Prompt Connect: Continuously employed to develop integrations with external stakeholders, ensuring efficient data transformation and accessibility. The data can be fed into Port Group’s FMS systems, or the DataMart for a consolidated view of all data.
  • Prompt Customer Portal: Integrated with Prompt DataMart, it provides a seamless, customizable access point to all data, enhancing customer interaction and satisfaction.

This approach provided a scalable and interconnected solution, with each component leveraging seamless data passthrough and immediate communication with the next.

Transforming forwarding operations with logistics technology enhancements

The results were transformative. Port Group experienced a significant improvement in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. The integration of systems led to streamlined workflows and a more cohesive data management approach. The new customer portals received positive feedback for their enhanced functionality and user-friendly design.

Integrations between systems are only as useful as what you then do with the data provided. There are solutions out there that essentially build a bridge between systems, which only leads to inflated raw data dumps and a heavy reliance on BI tools and excel to understand the data. With Prompt, Port Group now has an interconnected tech stack to work from, and can easily integrate any third party to either share or receive more data, using the Prompt Connect framework.

If Prompt Connect is the beginning of the process, then the Prompt Customer Portals are a fitting front-end and final step from where data can be accessed and shared. These fully customizable dashboards have unlimited potential, and can be used internally, or shared with customers and stakeholders for a self-service approach to visibility and data sharing.

Port Group continues to work with Prompt 18 months on, expanding the scope of the partnership and adding more integrations as they grow.

Port Group’s journey with Prompt exemplifies the power of strategic technological advancement in the supply chain sector. By embracing Prompt’s cutting-edge solutions, Port Group has set a new standard in operational efficiency and customer service in the freight brokerage industry.

Building an interconnected technology stack is no longer an expensive and lengthy undertaking for forwarders and brokers. You can integrate your systems, consolidate external data, and make everything actionable, with tangible results immediately after go-live.

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