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Mid-America & Prompt

Optimizing US customs documentation with logistics tech

Customs compliance is one of the most complex elements of logistics services. Mid-America Logistics, a mid-sized forwarder also offering US customs solutions, embarked on a transformative journey to optimize its business processes, with customs at its heart. The key problem to solve? US customs data entry and processing.

Prompt Automate, a data entry automation solution built with the logistics industry and supply chains in-mind, specifically caters to this use case. Read on to find out why Mid America chose Prompt for this project, and how the project scope has greatly evolved since the initial proof of concept.

A quick note: since mid-December 2023, US Customs and Border Protection has prohibited the use of non-licensed resources, especially foreign outsourcing, for customs related data entry and processing. Prompt Automate remains compliant as a product and can be used to automate your data entry without concern.

“The implementation of Prompt Automate has been a turning point for us. The accuracy and efficiency it brings to our customs documentation process are unparalleled. It’s not just a software solution; it’s a strategic advantage in our industry.” – Operations Manager, Mid America Logistics.

Replacing unfit tech with purpose-built solutions

Mid America Logistics faced a significant challenge with their existing automation provider for Accounts Payable (AP), particularly regarding US customs documentation. The existing system struggled to efficiently process critical documents like commercial invoices and bills of lading, essential for accurate US customs declarations. The need for an advanced, reliable solution was imperative to enhance their operational efficiency and compliance.

Integrating with core logistics technology systems (FMS)

Dissatisfied with their current system, Mid America Logistics sought a solution that could seamlessly integrate with their existing Freight Management System (FMS) and handle high document volumes with precision. Prompt Automate emerged as the ideal candidate, known for its AI-based document understanding and process awareness.

A proof of concept was executed to ensure that Automate met their specific operational needs and integrated smoothly with their existing systems. Prompt offers POCs and trials for our products where possible, giving you the opportunity to find the right fit for you before committing, which is exactly what Mid America did.

Implementing a scalable solution to streamline customs data processing

The implementation of Prompt Automate for Mid America focused on both processes and being user-centric. After confirming the customs data automation capabilities through the proof of concept, the focus shifted to expanding on the POC to include higher volumes of documents, alongside providing training and support to Mid America Logistics’ day-to-day users.

The set-up is simple: from a single template you can process hundreds of thousands of documents with no manual interactions. Prompt provided documentation and training for the team at Mid America, and they were up and running in no time.

Logistics technology with immediate results

The impact of Prompt Automate was immediate and significant. Data entry times were drastically reduced, and the accuracy of data captured for customs documentation improved remarkably. Mid America Logistics recorded an all-time low in data entry errors, attributing to more efficient operations and compliance adherence.

Since handing over the reins to the internal Mid America team, the project scope has expanded to include customs data extraction, verification, and validation, for not only the US, but also China and Germany, with more countries on the roadmap.

Mid America Logistics’ journey with Prompt Automate illustrates the transformative impact of the right technological solution in the logistics industry. By embracing innovative data-centric solutions, they have set a new benchmark in operational efficiency and accuracy in customs documentation processing.

The benefits of this project aren’t solely limited to customs declarations. Automate can extract data from dozens of document types, to fit purposes such as commercial invoice or packing list to purchase order validation, email quote and booking automation, and more.

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