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Unique & Prompt

Creating an interconnected digital ecosystem in logistics

Unique Logistics International, a forward-thinking mid-sized forwarder based in the USA, undertook an ambitious digital transformation journey. Their goal was to modernize their operations and establish a distinctive presence in the highly competitive logistics market. In pursuit of this objective, they formed a strategic partnership with Prompt, renowned for its leadership in providing cutting-edge supply chain software solutions.

This customer story delves into how Unique Logistics effectively utilized Prompt’s comprehensive suite of solutions – including Prompt Connect, Prompt Customer Portal, Prompt DataMart, and Prompt Rates. By integrating these tools, Unique Logistics succeeded in creating an efficient, fully integrated digital ecosystem, setting a new standard in the logistics industry.

Key points

  • Unique Logistics wanted to improve their internal processes and enhance customer experience, simultaneously, through their tech stack.
  • Pain points included the need to upgrade the tech stack without replacing the ERP system already in place, instead integrating with and enhancing it.
  • Prompt was chosen for its comprehensive solutions when it comes to supply chain data handling and transformation, and their compatibility with CargoWise.
  • Implemented multiple Prompt solutions tackling system to system integrations, data handling, customer interactions and experience, and rates management.
  • Achieved significant reductions in data processing time and errors, enhancing customer service and operational efficiency.

Compounding logistics tech challenges

Unique Logistics faced the daunting task of building an industry leading and highly innovative forwarding business, while updating their technology stack to stay ahead of the competition and build a tangible moat. Their focus was simple: digital transformation that improves customer experience, increasing both customer acquisition and retention through industry leading customer experience.

The challenge wasn’t just about upgrading tech, it was about achieving a comprehensive and holistic digital strategy in a rapid timeframe. This ambition was made all the more difficult by the limitations of their ERP solution, CargoWise, which the chosen solution would need to enhance, not replace. Furthermore, limited access to internal resources with high levels of digital expertise and CargoWise fluency add to the challenge, erecting new hurdles that would need to be overcome.

Unique needed a solution that would work seamlessly with their existing ERP system, scale their expanding business needs, and empower their people by improving their workflows and capabilities. All while providing high levels of visibility, a fully integrated and interconnected supply chain network, and increased hardware performance.

Let’s get to work.

“Prompt streamlined our integration process, reducing lead times and improving the quality of shared data..” – Chief Operating Officer, Unique Logistics International.

Choosing to enhance their tech stack, rather than to replace

After evaluating various options, Unique Logistics chose Prompt due to its compatibility with CargoWise and the holistic integration capabilities of its products. Prompt’s proven track record with CargoWise and deep understanding of logistics workflows made them an ideal partner for Unique Logistics. The decision was based on the potential to create a fully interconnected tech stack that could automate data transfer, consolidate data, and provide real-time access to rates and customer portals.

After evaluating various options, Unique Logistics chose Prompt’s holistic approach to the challenges through the combination of solutions. The pre-existing experience with CargoWise and deep understanding of forwarding workflows was a plus.

The decision was based on the potential to create a fully interconnected tech stack around CargoWise as the main driver, that could automate data transfer (Prompt Connect), consolidate data (Prompt DataMart), and provide real-time access to key information through fully customizable and configurable portals (Prompt Customer Portal).

Smart implementation processes for maximum efficiency

The implementation was comprehensive but staggered, with focus on the foundational elements first, as the operational results will only ever be as good as the data that feeds them.

  • Prompt Connect was utilized to build robust system integrations, connecting Unique Logistics with third-party stakeholders and automating data transfer.
  • Prompt DataMart acted as the central hub for data consolidation, transforming raw data from multiple sources into immediately accessible insights.
  • Prompt Rates ensured that Unique Logistics had access to the most competitive rates, integrating seamlessly into their quoting and booking processes.

The trend here? Data is at the center of everything. With the fundamentals clearly in place, focus could switch to implementing the Prompt Customer Portal. This allowed Unique to leverage all their data and share it in unique, custom-designed front-end portals to their customers, enhancing customer experience and building true seamless information sharing.

Positive domino effect firing on all cylinders

The results were transformative.

Unique Logistics saw a significant reduction in data processing time and errors. Using Prompt Connect for inter-system integrations facilitated seamless raw data flow, and provided a scalable solution to connect more third-parties, including customer ERPs and other key systems. This not only led to operational efficiencies and enhanced customer satisfaction, but proved a solid argument in winning new business.

Unique continues to use this holistic set-up to enhance their CargoWise installation, and continue to expand their usage of Prompt’s solutions by adding new integrations, and building new Portals for their customers.

They have recently explored providing the Portal builder to select customers, so that they can view data the way it works for them, without Unique’s team becoming a bottleneck. The customers have access to the same drag-and-drop builder, fully customizable to their needs and processes, but will be limited to the data Unique decided to provide them with access to.

Unique Logistics International’s journey with Prompt is a testament to the power of digital integration in the logistics industry. By embracing Prompt’s innovative solutions, Unique has not only enhanced its technological capabilities but has also set new standards in customer service and operational efficiency.

By removing bottlenecks such as internal resources or ERP performance limitations, and focusing on making data actionable and available in a self-service environment, Unique are now at the forefront of cutting-edge customer experience, and will continue to drive industry-wide change and set standards as they grow and expand their business further.

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