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Data-driven supply chain automation

Automating your supply chain starts with the data you need to bring into your systems. Automate data capture, transform the data into intelligent automation, and leverage the newfound insights and free time to become a supply chain success story.

Automation starts with your data

Eliminate data silos and remove manual data entry by building an interconnected supply chain ecosystem, allowing you to streamline data flow across your entire supply chain providing the strongest base for automation. Other key benefits? Powerful insights based on real data, and huge reductions in data entry time and errors.

Automate where possible, empower where needed

Leverage automation for the repetitive tasks that make up the bulk of supply chains such as data entry, inventory management, and end to end shipment tracking, freeing up your workforce for higher-value activities and to work from exceptions.

“Prompt suggested 99.9% data accuracy and the elimination of manual review on our end, and they delivered. In just three weeks, we hit break-even and have a projected return on investment of 2700% over three years.”

Patrick Behan – Director of Sales @ TQL

Smart automation leads to supply chain success

Automate key supply chain milestones based on real-time data triggers, allowing you to automate your processes, becoming more efficient as a whole. Your entire business will see increased tech ROI, fewer bottlenecks, faster approval times, and a reduction in human-caused error.

Focusing on exceptions allows you to work smarter, not harder. With high automation you can focus on being proactive, tackling the troublesome exceptions that require the most attention, as or even before they occur. Identifying and addressing issues in real-time, your entire supply chain becomes more resilient.

Automating your supply chain data improves your access to actionable insights by making the data readily available and updated in real-time. Analyze trends, identify root causes of issues, predict future bottlenecks, all contributing to the optimization of your supply chain. That's the power of automated supply chain data.

Make sure your automation is scalable

Your business isn’t stuck in time, neither are your processes. Adapt your automation to changing needs with ease using the right tech. With solutions like the ones Prompt Global have built, you can add new layers of automation by adding new document types for automated data entry, new integrations for seamless data passthrough, and new front-end dashboards for real-time visibility of any exceptions the automated processes pick-up. Not bad for a single platform, right?