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Your sustainable supply chain

Create a sustainable supply chain ecosystem based on accurate data that you can trust with immediate positive impact on your business, and the planet.

Consolidate emissions data

Centralize your Scope 3 data by connecting with your supply chain stakeholders for direct data sharing. Combine Scope 3 data with your Scope 1 and 2 data for a clear picture of your emissions.

EU ETS and emissions auditing

Building a sustainable supply chain requires access to raw emissions data and using GLEC compliant calculations for the most accurate results. Request raw data from your logistics services providers and make your own calculations, allowing you to identify who is overcharging on EU ETS or other surcharges, and who is providing the most precise results.

Sustainability starts with emissions tracking

With direct integrations to your supply chain stakeholders, and automated data entry options for data digitization, you will always have the most up-to-date data to track your emissions in near real-time.

Collaborative emissions compliance

From the data you display to the way it’s presented, your front-end dashboards are configurable down to an individual user. Want to improve your stakeholder Scope 3 buy-in? Give them their own dashboard that they can customize and let them see their impact on your Scope 3 efforts.

Simple steps to achieve emissions compliance

Gather your relevant data

Scope 3 and emissions compliance relies on large amounts of high quality data from your supply chain stakeholders. Gathering the data from a network of fractured systems, data sources, and physical paper trails requires a flexible solution that can handle all types of data entry.

Transform and consolidate your data

Aggregate your data in a single location, validating and transforming it as entered. The quality of the data you output is dependent on having high quality data at the starting point. By transforming your data on entry, you're always working with data in a single format, without any duplication.

Use the raw data for calculations

We're partnered with GLEC framework compliant Scope 3 emissions calculator providers such as Greenabl, to provide you with trusted emissions calculations in real time. Integrated into our collaborative supply chain orchestration platform, you will be able to obtain immediate emissions numbers, and track everything in fully configurable dashboards.

Find your balance

With a clear understanding of your emissions landscape, you can make important decisions that will improve your emissions output, and redefine your cost to footprint balance. Using the configurable dashboards, you can track emissions per lane, per product, per carrier, or use any criteria meaningful to you, allowing you to redefine your emissions landscape.

Your compliance means their compliance

Being Scope 3 compliant isn't ticking off a requirement box without any positive outcomes. Your entire supply chain needs to be compliant, which means your partners and customers too. They can only achieve this with your help. By becoming Scope 3 compliant, you are able to provide your partners and customers with a clear picture of your emissions, which allows them to become Scope 3 compliant, and will keep them working with you, for longer.