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Say goodbye to detention and demurrage

Streamline supply chain operations through smart data usage and maximize fee reduction

Accurate Detention and Demurrage

With shippers and consignees now responsable for detention and demurrage fees, having a clear picture of where D&D fees occur and who is charging them is crucial. Using Prompt Global’s approach to data consolidation and system integrations, obtain the data you need, and act on it for a D&D-less future.

Detention and demurrage fee avoidance

By combining data from your logistics services providers and portside infrastructure providers, you can identify containers dwelling beyond acceptable limits in real-time, minimizing D&D fees.

Always-on dialed-in D&D visibility

Using a fully customizable and configurable front-end, you can build a visual representation of all your containers, understanding at a glance which are at risk of incurring fees, or worse, those that are over an acceptable dwell-time and racking-up fees.

Proactive D&D alerts to increase savings

Using Prompt Global's fully customizable and configurable notifications and alerts engine, you can let the right people know when something is in the danger zone…before exceptions occur. Alert your teams on containers about to cross the dwell threshold and give them the time to act meaningfully and prevent any fees.

Leveraging your data for a D&D-free future

Your real-time and historical data hold all the insights you need to proactively prevent recurring excess dwell times and eliminate repeat detention and demurrage fees. Identify the troublesome ports and service providers, all within the same Prompt Global platform, at no extra cost.

Configure a detention and demurrage dashboard that works for your business, with short-term visibility gains, and long term D&D fee elimination