Removing the roadblocks to automated invoice processing and validation

Save time and avoid overpayments by using Prompt software to confirm that invoices are error-free.

Global Freight Audit & Payment

Prompt provides comprehensive automated Freight Audit and Payment services via our unique web-based validation and audit platform. Our services are enhanced by deep logistics knowledge and can be custom-tailored to the needs of multinational customers. As such, we empower our clients’ operations on a global scale. 

Prompt handles the most complex global logistics structures daily. We assist our customers to quickly and effectively control of freight costs and provide crystal-clear visibility of logistical data.

Why choose Prompt accounts payable automation?

Accelerate invoice processing and save time

Make it quicker and easier to process invoices automatically to take advantage of those all-important early payment discounts

Work smarter with AI-driven capture and coding

Our machine learning AI technology spots patterns in coding and capture and fills in the gaps so you don’t have to.

Get complete financial visibility and control

Empower your finance team with a solution that helps them track, trace and identify all payments with a simple click.

Prompt Payables features


Single user experience for capturing and processing invoices

Eliminate logging into multiple systems for capturing and processing invoices. With our accounts payable automation solution, you’ll be able to use the same UI to capture and process all your invoices, resulting in a single, streamlined user experience for your accounts payable process.

Automated coding powered by AI and machine learning

Our intelligent capture and coding boosts compliance with automatic invoice processing. Prompt algorithms automatically match invoice data against shipments, consols or based on a wide range of detailed information, including line items, line totals, or invoice headers.

Intelligent invoice capture and charge code matching

Our proprietary data extraction software not only captures all invoice data with high accuracy but also contextualizes the information to make it as useful as possible. It’s this difference that is key – speed is important, but it’s about yielding the correct end result that minimizes time and effort processing exceptions. The difference between 98% and 75% correct is 12.5x the amount of exceptions processing.

Complete financial visibility with reporting and analytics equals better decisions

Complete financial visibility with reporting and analytics equals better decisions

For companies of all sizes

Prompt Freight Audit and Pay is designed to work with businesses of all sizes:

  • Simple integrations that do not require technical expertise
  • Easy to use and flexible functionality
  • Transparent pricing


Take costs out

Use people more efficiently. Eliminate keying-in, tackle transaction costs and boost your bottom line.

Avoid damaging mistakes

Fewer errors, less customer friction. Improved traceability for reduced risk and stronger compliance.

Serve customers better

Dramatically-streamlined workflows give your ops teams the ability to give better customer experiences.

Build relationships, reduce churn.

Improve your logistics
Reduce costs, save money

Find out how our custom-tailored solutions can empower your business. Contact us, we are ready to assist! 

Enterprise companies and global brands build better businesses with Prompt

DSV Logistics
Hitachi Transport System
OOCL Logistics
RCS Logistics
Imperial Logistics
Agility Logistics

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