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Optimized inventory and product availability

Stay ahead of demand and avoid stock issues by putting your supply chain data to work.

Real-time inventory monitoring

Monitor stock levels in real-time to ensure products are always available when customers need them across all locations whether it’s warehouses, distribution centers, or retail stores.

Connect your data to prevent stockouts

Up-to-the-minute data on inventory quantities allow you to make informed decisions to prevent stockouts or overstock situations. Connect with your suppliers and service providers to identify late shipments early, decreasing the negative outcomes on your customers.

Keep production on time

Track your order statuses and identify where things aren’t going according to plan so you can proactively work with your suppliers, preventing downstream fallout, meeting production availability requirements, and keeping your supply chain moving.

Leveraging your transport data to optimize stock levels

By connecting all your transport data, you can use current insights such as lead-times and macro events, as well as historic data for seasonal impact, to optimize your safety stock and always be well prepared.

How your carriers perform will impact your supply chain management. Use real data such as transit times and past performance to identify recurring issues or potential failings, allowing you to better allocate capacity to top performers.

Make your data actionable using a fully customizable and configurable front-end, identifying the root causes of exceptions and unexpected fluctuations in stock levels such as late suppliers, carrier service level failings, bad performing routes, and more.