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Collaborative Supply Chain Orchestration for BCOs

Take control of your supply chain with improved visibility, full data transparency, and operational excellence, all through a single platform.

Digitize your entire supply chain

From purchase order to booking and throughout transport management, transform paper and processes into data, allowing you to automate repetitive tasks, reduce human error, and gain real visibility over your supply chain.

Connect with everyone

Supply chain visibility starts with your data. By integrating with your suppliers, service providers, and other stakeholders, you can have real-time data flows that provide real transparency, allowing your operations to ebb and flow as things change upstream.

Build transparency that works for you

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to supply chain platforms. Your supply chain is a unique blend of stakeholders and processes that runs on data. Our fully configurable and customizable front-end allows you to build the single window that works for your business, down to the individual user.

Always-on status updates with customizable alerts

For purchase orders

Know when purchase order deviations occur and which elements of a specific PO are at risk or going to be late in real-time so that you can react and limit downstream fallout.

For transportation

Track shipments using the data that is important to you from your service providers or third party data providers and always know where goods are and what to expect.

For inventory

Avoid inventory issues such as stockouts and overstocking by setting alerts that make sense to your individual locations, teams, or products. 

For emissions

Scope 3 compliance is keeping the world accountable for its greenhouse gas emissions and with good reason. Set your targets and receive notifications when they are at risk, or when required Scope 3 data isn't being collected.

Data and visualization that matters to your business

This collaborative supply chain orchestration platform is fully configurable and customizable, but that doesn’t mean the goal is to drown in reports and “analytics”. The Prompt Global platform allows you to start with a solid foundation of integrations and data that you need, filtering out the noise, and giving you the best start possible.

Collaboration as a competitive advantage

Consolidating and transforming your data into immediately actionable insights simplifies collaboration. We’ve built insight sharing into every step of your supply chain. Request, share, and receive key documents and milestone updates automatically, or with a single click, without needing to use your email or phone. The notification and alerts engine allows you, and your stakeholders, to work from the same page all the time. For anything that can’t be automated, the front-end portal provides a centralized visualization of insights that you can provide to all.

Cost control shouldn't be damage control

Unforeseen and unnecessary costs such as fines and penalties can really eat into your margins. Now that shippers and consignees are responsible for detention and demurrage, it’s a great use case. Having a clear picture of where your goods are and who is causing delays can eliminate unexpected detention and demurrage fees altogether. This is true across your supply chain, and there’s no time like the present to start transforming your data into visibility, and visibility into savings.