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Prompt Global Announces Global Partnership with Searoutes

Global supply chain orchestration platform to embed Searoutes data and emissions calculation functionality in their platform to meet growing ocean visibility and GHG compliance needs.

NEW YORK – Prompt Global, the collaborative supply chain orchestration platform, today announced its partnership with Searoutes, the leading CO2 and ocean visibility provider. Through the strategic partnership, Searoutes will provide its GLEC framework compliant emissions calculator and ocean transport tracking data to Prompt Global customers within the platform.

As Prompt Global’s collaborative supply chain orchestration platform is used by logistics service providers and cargo owners alike, this partnership brings a real solution to a very real issue felt by both sides.

Prompt Global customers will utilize the combined functionality to:

  • Improve ocean shipping visibility with data provided by Searoutes that will be immediately available in platform.
  • Gather key GHG data from multiple 1st and 3rd party sources and calculate Scope 3 compliant emissions numbers within the platform.
  • Use Prompt’s built-in automation and integrations to share data and results in real time with 3rd party customers and partners, contributing to their Scope 3 compliance.
  • Run audits on lanes or carriers identifying bad performers, higher than average polluters, and unexpectedly expensive lanes.

Once unlocked, these powerful insights lead to transformative actions for both freight forwarders and cargo owners who wish to improve their supply chain performance, and reduce their emissions footprint.

As part of the partnership, all Searoutes customers will have access to Prompt Global’s front-end portal builder. This drag and drop environment will allow Searoutes users to view their data the way they want, providing enhanced visibility and analytics. Searoutes customers will benefit from all new features on Prompt’s development roadmap, including quoting and booking enhancements.

“We’re excited to be providing Searoutes’ carbon visibility and tracking data to Prompt Global users. Its sustainability module allows Forwarders and Cargo owners to easily satisfy Carbon compliance standards, report emissions in line with ISO 14083 and audit EU ETS. I am particularly happy to reach more users and help them start their carbon journey!”, says Pierre Garreau, CEO and Co-founder of Searoutes. “Prompt’s platform is highly customizable and allows for meeting various use cases, which makes it straightforward to create views that fit your business. And we know at Searoutes how each organization likes to propagate emissions’ data to match their organization!”, he added.

Prompt Global Founder and CEO Rob Petti says of the partnership that “it creates new opportunities for Prompt Global platform users. Not only will they have access to Searoutes data for greater ocean shipping transparency, customers will also track their ocean transport related CO2 and GHG emissions without relying on the carriers or other service providers.” He also added that “Scope 3 compliance is a big deal, and will grow in importance over the next few years. Through this partnership, Prompt’s customer base will be able to automate emissions calculations, using Searoutes’ GLEC compliant methods, without leaving the platform. It’s quite something.”

About Searoutes

Searoutes specializes in innovative digital solutions for sustainability within the sea, air and logistics sector. The company is rooted in its proprietary routing algorithms that use historical ship data collected from AIS signals that allow for greater accuracy through superior methodologies. Today, Searoutes has developed a comprehensive collection of APIs to search, report and plan on real-time routes and CO2 emissions for all modes of transport to facilitate the decarbonization of freight transport.

Click here to visit the Searoutes website.

About Prompt Global

At Prompt Global, we work with both forwarders and BCOs to help improve supply chain transparency, leading to lower overall costs and a better overall experience. Solutions we provide range from minimizing unnecessary charges (detention, demurrage, customs non- compliance, SCOPE 3, etc) to optimizing the PO to booking process (reduce costs, reduce transit times, avoid known global supply chain issues). Further, our tech centralizes data into a unified platform that a BCO can utilize with all of its forwarders and similarly a forwarder can use with all of its shippers.

Our user base extends from DSV and FedEx to Kohl’s and HP.

Also, unlike most other logistics technology companies, we’re fully self funded and profitable so you don’t have to worry about our solvency or longevity.

Prompt is GDPR, ISO 27001, and SOC 2 compliant.

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